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Monday, September 1, 2014

Converse Launch

It is a classic. It is a legend. I'm talkinng about Chuck Taylor's converse. As a kid, I wore chuck Taylor's for my physical education subject, I wore chuck Taylor's when I went out with my family or friends. I wore it everywhere I went. I had the color yellow, dark blue, black , & red. It was from my grandfather's closet. ✌️ It's funny because at first I didn't want to wear it because it's old, and i didn't know that it was the in thing. The next day I went to school wearing my PE uniform, with my Red Chuck Taylor. And everyone noticed it because it was a classic. After school I bought a black chuck taylor, and I wear it everywhere I go. Nothing will ever match the comfort that Converse gives.

I cannot wait to shoot my outfit post for Converse! :)

Check out the newest collection of Converse! :)

I attended this event with Dani.

Converse is a big part of my teenage life, it's where I started to like fashion.

Going around the Event, I saw these Rubber Edition Chuck Taylor's. It is waterproof and the quality is outstanding. I like the color black and white. It's the classics.

I love how they designed the whole place, It was so creative!

During the event, I saw my tito walking around and we wanted the same shoes. The (rubber edition) Chuck Taylor. 

With our stylist and very supportive friend. Hi Rj!

Work doesn't feel like work when I am with this woman. i love you bubbie.

Thank you for always supporting Style Division 2014.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


This is what I wore for an event.
Synthetic Leather pants and Sleeveless shirt. :)  This is a nice outfit that you can try on a night out with friends. I like how I paired the shirt together with the pants. Simple.

(Details: Top, TOPMAN. Pants, ZARA. Boots, ZARA. Watch, NIXON. Glasses, ALDO. Bag, SM ACCESSORIES. Bracelets, SM ACCESSORIES. Cap, BRIXTON.)